Fermentation Culture Mission

Fermentation Culture is a community dedicated to providing quality information and resources related to fermented food and drink. Whether you’re a homebrewer, craftbeer enthusiast, kombucha drinker, food lover, or a combination of all and then some, there is something here for you.
Weekly posts will include a wide range of technique how-to’s and walkthroughs, as well as conversations with interesting people doing innovative things in the fermentation industry and community.
If you’re wanting to take your curiosity for all things fermented to the next level, join us as we take it a step further by using the fermented foods and drinks we make as ingredients in our everyday cooking to take full advantage of the complexity of flavors that they have to offer.

About The Editor

Joe Edidin is a BJCP National judge and has been homebrewing beer since 2001. He has won multiple national homebrewing awards, including a gold medal at the 2016 National Homebrewers Competition. While in college he worked part-time and lived full-time on a vineyard & winery in Southern Illinois. Now based in East Tennessee, he has expanded to homemade wine, cider, kombucha, fermented coffee, soda, and a wide variety of fermented foods. His latest project is developing new meal recipes that incorporate fermented foods and drinks to find unique flavor profiles.